How to get started with WigWag

How to get started with WigWag
Written by
Taariq Tayob
Published on
February 13, 2024

Getting started with a payment provider may seem daunting and like a really big step. A complicated signup process may have been why you’ve not started with a provider before. We get it. It sounds kind of similar to renewing your passport at Home Affairs and no one enjoys doing that!

That’s why we built the WigWag signup process to be as simple as 1, 2, 3! The entire process will take less than 10 minutes.

The 1, 2, 3 of starting to WigWag goes like:

  1. Sign yourself up: the usual set up your email and password
  2. Tell us about your business: what do you do, where can we find you (WhatsApp, Instagram, etc.) 
  3. Verification: run through a quick process to share some supporting documents which will depend on the type of your business e.g. ID, Proof of address - check out this page to see what docs may be requested

We’ll then take up to 1 business day to approve your application. Don’t worry we’ll pop you an email as soon as our team has completed this process.

I’ve got WigWag, now what?

Once you’re live with WigWag the fun starts! You’ll log into your dashboard which will be your source of truth. You’ll be able to:

  • Create payment links
  • Monitor which links have been paid, and which ones have expired
  • Your total sales for the last 30 days
  • Your WigWag balance
  • Delivery details for customers who have shared them at payment

Just WigWag me

You can immediately start creating payment links to share with your customers through your preferred sales channel e.g. WhatsApp, Instagram, Email and more.
Imagine a world where you can longer have to deal with messy screenshots as proof of payments or jump between your bank statements and chat apps to figure out when a customer has paid and which payment is for which order.

With WigWag you have total control. You can set a unique reference per payment link, and set the link to expire if the order is time-sensitive. And see immediately when you a link has been paid.

For example, you’re selling a Vintage Denim Jacket on Instagram:

  1. Person 1 DMs you and wants the jacket
  2. You create a custom payment link and send it to them in chat
  3. You set the unique reference so you know what's up
  4. Set the link to expire so if they don’t pay in time you can move the sale on to Person 2
  5. Monitor your dashboard to know when the link is paid
  6. If it expires before it’s paid you can then create another payment link to sell the item to Person 2 - easy as pie

WigWag links can be paid using any VISA card or Mastercard (which is about 90% of all cards), meaning you can now easily sell your products internationally.

Payments are going from being multi-step and manual to being on auto-pilot. Just send a link, and get paid.

That’s it. Then just see the money roll in on WigWag..