The easiest way to collect donations.

No code, website or technical gateway integration necessary. Simply send your WigWag Checkout link start getting paid.

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Welcome to WigWag. Payments made simple.

We are the most user-friendly, efficient, and reliable payment solution for your non profit. With  products like Checkout, WigWag can be used by anyone.

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Collect donations from anyone, anywhere.

Put your payment page link everywhere and maximise support from donors.

Just send a link.

Via email, WhatsApp, or social media.

  • Set an amount or let donors decide
  • Branded checkout with your logo & name
  • User-friendly & secure checkout process
  • Choose what info you collect from donors
  • Simple card input, with a 'save card' option
  • Email alerts when you receive payments
  • Superb support that’s ready to help
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Allow donors to setup recurring donations.

  • No debit orders hassle
  • Works seamlessly for international donors

All your donation info in one place.

The WigWag dashboard gives you control at your fingertips, allowing you to monitor your donations, WigWag balance, payouts and even view donor details.

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Instant payouts

You decide when you cash out donations to your bank account. All your payments arrive in your balance 24 hours after you get paid. You can pay them out normally or instantly to see them reflect in your bank account immediately.

Get paid by anyone, anywhere.

Sick of foreign exchange admin and hidden costs? Rather use WigWag. You’ll receive your money in Rands like any other payment. It’s simple and easy.

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How it works.

Signup to WigWag
A sign up form for a website.

Create your WigWag account with your essential personal details.

A white and black card with a yellow border.

Tell us about your non profit.

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Start fundraising!

Kick off your WigWag journey and begin accepting donations!

Setup your custom Checkout
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Customise your Checkout with your logo and contact details.

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Configure flexible checkout to let donors choose their donation amount or set it yourself. Also, select which details to collect.

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Get paid

Share your Checkout link via social media, WhatsApp, SMS, email or on your website– wherever you have contact with your donors.

Payment success
A cell phone with a check mark on it.

Receive real-time notifications once a donation is made.

A cell phone with a payment link on the screen.

See donations and donor details at a glance.

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Thank donors

With donor details saved for each donation, you can easily contact them.

A sign that says wigwag dashboard balance.

Initiate the payout process whenever you're ready. Choose if you want to get paid out the next day or immediately.

A payout card for a bank account.

Once submitted, WigWag ensures swift and secure fund transfers. Track all donations and payouts on your WigWag History page.

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Make a difference

Get funds in your bank in 2 days or right away for R10.00, so you can keep doing amazing things.

Fees and Billing

Straight forward pricing.

Pricing starts at 2.95% and decreases as you transact higher values. Payouts are R2.00 for a normal payout and R10 for an instant payout. All pricing is VAT exclusive.

Safe and Secure

Powered by Stitch.

Trust in WigWag. We're powered by Stitch, a reputable payments provider serving clients like MTN, Quicket, Cell C, TripCo, Zapper and more.

Local refers to payments with South African cards, while Global means payments with international cards.

No fixed fees,
just a % of your transactions

Transaction % fee

2.95% processing fee per local transaction excl. VAT

3.4% processing fee per global transaction excl. VAT

Local refers to payments with South African cards, while Global means payments with international cards.

Sell more, pay less

If you're transacting more than R200k a month currently, please contact us to get custom pricing.

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