Get paid on your Squarespace site.

Just add Foxy to your Squarespace site and enable WigWag as the payment method.

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How it works.

Sign up to WigWag and Foxy
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Register with WigWag

Create your WigWag account.

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Verify your WigWag account

Tell us a bit more about your business and share some docs with us.

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Register and test Foxy

Create and test your Foxy account with their free test environment.

Add the Foxy Extension to Squarespace
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Select Your Option

Decide how best to use Foxy based on your needs.

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Add Foxy to your Squarespace site

Checkout our helpful guide on how to connect Squarespace and Foxy.

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Need help?

Contact the Foxy team directly here.

Activate WigWag on Foxy
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Go to the Payment Tab

In your Foxy Admin Page, and deselect the checkbox 'Let customers pay with a Credit or Debit Card' and select 'Live Servers'.

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Select WigWag

Scroll down, select WigWag, check the box, and enter your API keys and Secret which can be retrieved from your WigWag dashboard.

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Subscribe to Foxy E-commerce

To make payments live you need to activate Foxy subscription. Foxy Pricing Plan.

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Go Live

Start selling on your Squarespace store and WigWag will securely and safely process your payments.

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Initiate the payout process whenever you're ready. Choose if you want to get paid out the next day or immediately.

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Funds land directly to your bank account for you to keep growing your business.

Why choose the WigWag plugin.

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Effortless integration

Seamlessly add our payment extension to your Squarespace website with the help of Foxy. No technical expertise needed.

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User-friendly interface

Our plugin comes with an intuitive dashboard, making managing your payments as simple as a few clicks.

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Secure and reliable

Built with top-notch security protocols to ensure safe transactions for you and your customers.

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Fast digital onboarding

Get started quickly with our streamlined sign up process.

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Competitive pricing

Enjoy transparent and affordable pricing with no hidden fees.

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24/7 support

WigWag and Foxy’s dedicated team is here to assist you anytime, ensuring your store runs smoothly.

Fees and Billing

Straight forward pricing.

Pricing starts at 2.95% and decreases as you transact higher values. Payouts are R2.00 for a normal payout and R10 for an instant payout. All pricing is VAT exclusive.

Safe and Secure

Powered by Stitch.

Trust in WigWag. We're powered by Stitch, a reputable payments provider serving clients like MTN, Quicket, Cell C, TripCo, Zapper and more.

No fixed fees,
just a % of your transactions

Transaction % fee

2.95% processing fee per local transaction excl. VAT

3.4% processing fee per global transaction excl. VAT

Local refers to payments with South African cards, while Global means payments with international cards.

Sell more, pay less

If you're transacting more than R200k a month currently, please contact us to get custom pricing.

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