Introducing WigWag

Introducing WigWag
Written by
Danielle Laity
Published on
March 1, 2024

We know that buying and selling have changed. Your customers don't need to leave their inbox, social media or chat app to shop. Small businesses can sell on Instagram, invoice over WhatsApp and deliver food without the help of any ordering app. Payments on these channels, however, can be admin-intensive and complicated.

Getting paid doesn’t have to be a hassle.

Introducing WigWag - an easier way to get paid. Got an order coming in, or an appointment booked? Just tell them, “WigWag me” and send a quick link - via DM, WhatsApp, SMS, email or anywhere else you communicate with your customers. They can pay you right then and there.

Here’s how it works:

  • You generate a unique link in your WigWag dashboard when you make a sale
  • Send the link to your customer (with a thank you!)
  • The customer clicks the link, enters their details, and you get paid. It’s that simple.
  • We’ll manage the admin so you can see when payments come through, who’s outstanding, and where you need to send the goods, at one glance

From writers to restaurants, from vintage to vinyasa, from nail techs to tutors, we want your customers to WigWag you and take the pain out of payments. 


WigWag is a new payments solution, designed specifically for busy business owners, contractors, builders, sellers and doers like you. Running a business is not easy - and hey, we hear you. We’re entrepreneurs ourselves. We created WigWag to help you easily and quickly collect your cash, and carry on. WigWag is powered by Stitch, the payment technology provider for brands like Multichoice, MTN, Quicket, Cell C, TripCo, Zapper and more. 

Payment struggles are real

Here’s what we’ve heard from business owners like you:

“When I do an Instagram drop, it’s absolute chaos. I struggle to keep up with who has paid and all the admin of checking proofs of payment.”- Vintage reseller
“People think that my business might be a scam because I accept payments via EFT and I sell expensive stuff on Facebook.”- Wooden furniture business owner
“I spend so much time on admin reconciling what invoices have been paid”- Nail artist
“My clients have to pay before I’ll book their session so I have to keep whatsapping them with my bank details”- Yoga teacher
“Customers don’t respect that I’m running a business. They’re always trying to pay later or I have to remind them.”- Clothing business owner selling on Instagram

Why WigWag?

The first payment method we’ll offer is card payments - the quickest, easiest and most widely used payment method for consumers. Card payments are definitely nothing new, and we know you have a lot of options. But here’s why we think you should give WigWag a shot.  The beauty is it’s simple:

  • You don’t need a website to get started, and you don’t need to change how you sell now. No code, complex payment gateway integrations or big platforms.
  • You set the rules. Choose how much the customer pays, set an expiry if they need to pay quickly and choose the reference. Easy for the customer, easy for you.
  • We offer our clients a commission for sharing WigWag with other business owners like them. If the new customer completes R10,000 in transactions in their first month, the referer gets a bonus of R250 in cash from us. The best part? There’s no limit to the number of people you can refer!

How can I get started?

We keep signup simple too.

  • Go to, fill in your details and choose a secure password.
  • Submit the required documents and wait to be verified.
  • Once you’re verified, voila! You can get WigWagging and start receiving digital payments.
  • Keep track of payments, including who paid you and what for, as well as where payments are still outstanding, from the user-friendly WigWag dashboard.
  • WigWag charges a simple fee of 2.95% when your customer uses a South African card and 3.4% for international cards. You decide when you get paid out and we charge R2 for the payout.

Just WigWag Me!

That one, simple sentence will change everything for your growing business. We may be strangers now, but this is the start of a beautiful relationship! Before you know it, we’ll be going steady and WigWag will be your simple payments partner for life.